猪鼻 秀一

Maltiple type Artist:Film maker:Fine artist :Butoh Dancer



1970   Japan Saitama born


I started filmmaking when I was 15 although Iwas a triathlon athlete.When I turned 16,I visited a variety of movie theaters,art galleries,and screenings at universities  and of independent movie in Tokyo.I attended a screening at Waseda University's school Festival when I was a high school student,and this was the start of my joing the study group at   Waseda University.Then I was inspired to produce student films and experimental films.


Entering the general university,I started feeling limitation in filmmaking  at the university's study group.Wanting to officially learn production of experimental movies,I restarted my college life at an art niversity in Kyoto.
I started studying under Toshio Matsumoto,an ATG filmdirector,critic,and media artist who poineered experimental film production in the earliest days


Largely influenced by the cultural climate of Kyoto to where I had moved, I also started producing contemporary-art works as well as specific filmmaking when I was 20.With the theme of contemporary Japanese ontology and time theory, the Tokyo mounting Keishi has been making large-scale works with the main sliding screens, with the cooperation of the Interior Culture Association.

Since then I began various activities through participating in art competitions,exhibitions and screening.Also in those daysI started going to nightclubs.


At the age of 30,I was invited by the world-famos dance Tatsumi Hijikata Memorial Asbestos Studio as an instructor of images and contemporary art.Besides the instructor job,I was also in charge of the stage-performance video recording and archiving project at the Asbestos Studio.

One day,while I was shooting Mrs Akiko Motofuji,dancer and a wife of Tatsumi Hijikata doing practice,I couldn't repress my desire to dance,so I began taking dance lessons.I was learning dancing under Mrs Akiko Motofuji,but as she passed away the Asbestos studio was closed.I belong toTatsumi Hijikata Asbestos center &Kazuo Ohno Dance studio,taking Mr Yoshito Ohno as my teacher,and am doing art activities in many art fields such as filmmaking,contemporary art and dancing,domestically and internationally.I make a documentary films Butoh Akiko Motofuji.
I screend at the Tokyo Documentary Film Festival etc.I'm planning to do a world tour for promoting butoh.


In recent years,I have developed educational materials to foster artists in many fields and am taking an active role in educating younger artists.I once lived in Chugin Cupsule Tower designed by an architect Kisho Kurokawa.What makes me unique is that my ancestor (猪鼻民部)was a samurai who built Renkeiji temple of Kawagoe city(formerly called ''Masashi-no-kuni'')and developed cathedral town and castle town in 1549.

Kawagoe Maruhiro department store roof as Kawagoe Hachimangu shrine is enshrined.Appeared as a Sumo wrestling like Foxin the anime "Manga Japan once upon a time".Now held every year in June in Kawagoe city popular Sumo Inari Shurine Sumo tounament to have.


For that reason,my ancestor is enshrined at the rooftop of Kawagoe Hachiman Shrine and the Kawagoe Maruhiro department store as a protective deity of Kawagoe city.My ancestor also appears in''Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi''(Japanese folk stories in animation).

Searching for materials related to my ancestor,I found that not only documents about the public administration that my ancestor had governed,taxation,flood control and templ-school management,but also even library of the successive ancestors had been stored.I never expected that I could find books my ancestors had read,so I was quite impressed.Further,I tracked back my family tree and have obtained a lot of antique documents written by Hamana Inohana.

Minamoto no Yorimasa,I Hayata given Nue's Omi province as a reward of Nue squashing late Heian period,Emperor Konoe annoyed every night.Shutendouji and Ground Spider extermination ,and further upstream and to the ancestors of the Minamoto no Yorimasa.Clan ghost world in very rare,and a close relation ship with a conscious cultural anthropology and folklore,decide in the arts.

Also,due to business reason was more plagiarism ghostly probably fought against ancestor ghost who interpretend.Have the causes of the mysterious family now have real involvement wiht evil spirits.